Azziafah Pvt. Ltd., Faisalabad, Pakistan

Thursday, 29 January 2015

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Azziafah Pvt. Ltd. (3225)

Welcome to Azziafah Pvt. Ltd (Hajj & Umrah Services)

Azzifah was incorporated in 2005 (registration# 3225), initially we started to provide services to Hujjaj. Ministry of Religious Affairs, Pakistan allotted us a quota of 80 Hujjaj in 2006. We provided state of the art services to the Hujjaj and at the end of the Hajj, no complaint was registered against us.


Hajj 2011 (1432H)

Hajj Package 2014 (1435H)


Completion of Hajj - 2013

Alhamdolillah by the grace of Allah, we have returned back from Saudi Arabia after a successful journey of Holy places and completion of Hajj 2013.



I extend warm gratitude along with our honest compliments to all of our customers who have supported us to reach at this stage. Our vision for the future includes a constant quest for innovative ideas and the continuous pursuit of growth and opportunity - for our Company, our Employees and our Country.